Based from the beginning in Toussieu in the Rhone department, France, Doran International is specialised in creating and enhancing perfusion circuits.
For over 25 years now, we have been developing innovative solutions to meet the daily challenges faced by health professionals.
This continual development has led to the creation of Edelvaiss®, a range of safe, high-quality equipment for all health services.
The Kemoline, Pchimx and Var products have now been added to our range to administer chemotherapy products.They perfectly combine with our existing equipment in our quest for excellence.

We work alongside medical teams to provide the best technical solutions.

Helping to improve patient care and the correct administration of drugs have been our central concerns from the start.

This range of perfusion equipment is enhanced on a daily basis and has been the subject of a large number of studies and theses, the fruit of our close collaboration with health professionals.
The range is manufactured in our production unit in France and in Europe, and provides support to physicians and their patients throughout the treatment process: from emergency cases to intensive care, for operating theatres and scanners, etc.
Since each patient and each health department is unique, from premature babies to elderly patients, from home care to clinics, we provide a unique, adapted and customised solution.
This is why at Doran International we are always looking for the very best solutions for you, for us and for the patients that we all might be one day.


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